IA900WA Wheel Alignment and All Systems ADAS Calibration Package

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MaxiSYS ADAS IA900WA ALNGMT and ADAS Frame with All Systems ADAS calibration


Frame capable of performing 4-Wheel alignment and ADAS calibration
Includes targets, patterns, and calibration components to calibrate cameras, radar, LIDAR, Night Vision units
Six high-resolution positioning and tracking cameras in frame
Includes 24” touchscreen display that attaches to frame unit
Alignment coverage includes U.S., Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer
Illustrated alignment instructions, live readings, required tools and adjustment locations display on a single screen
MaxiSYS software interface monitors and displays alignment measurements
Cameras automatically track vehicle height on shop lift


Four-wheel clamps with camera targets, steering wheel lock and wheel chocks
One-year limited warranty